Looking for a Part-Time Home Based Income?

The Hottest Industry

Post Covid-19!

As the Pandemic winds down
Travel is Ready to EXPLODE with pent-up demand!

Join The Travel Industry...Part-Time or Full Time!

Travel is opening back up, friends! More and more people are getting vaccinated every day, destinations have made the necessary changes to make their facilities safer, restrictions are being lifted....with airlines and cruise lines implementing new safety procedures!

People are more than ready to travel – we are on the brink of an incredible comeback and we want YOU to be part of it by getting in on the ground floor!


Our Online Course Will Show You How to Sell Cruises, Hotels, AirFare and Tour Packages to Your Friends, Family or Co-Workers.

Click the video below and in less than 2 minutes see
How to Turn Your Travel Dreams into Reality!

  Learn Step By Step

  No Guesswork

  No Stress

  And No Experience Required

Host Travel Agencies are ready to hire you immediately either part-time or full time operating from your own home.

Or simply use what you learn to get a personal travel ID card either IATA, CLIA or both and receive big travel discounts for your own personal travels & vacations!

Why Travel Agents Are Needed

Travel is predicted to increase over 500% between now and 2030 because it is the fastest growing business on the internet. Cruise Lines have ordered over 30 new ships, just to keep up with demand as the pandemic winds down and cruise bookings explode! The time to become a part-time travel agent has never been better! You can profit from this remarkable growth by becoming a home-based travel agent now.

How We Will Help You

We'll teach you everything you need to know on how to obtain clients, close the sale and turn them into repeat customers. How? Through our online training center, where everything is 100% web video based. You just click a play button and sit back as we show you exactly what to do. No exams or tests! Learn at your own pace and watch our videos as often as you want.

We'll teach you the latest, proven techniques for learning how to sell travel to your friends, relatives or co-workers while receiving your own travel agent discounts and Free Fam Trips!

All you have to do if log into our virtual classroom and watch our step-by-step video based lessons showing you exactly what to do (pausing, rewinding and replaying these videos as much as you want).

All of our training is available on-demand.

That means there are no scheduled times you have to be online to take the training. Instead, you just login into the virtual classroom whenever you like...24 hours a day. 7 days a week...select a course and begin learning. You can move at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Don't know the first thing about booking travel? Baffled by how it all works?

Good. Then our training is perfect for you.

We'll tell you everything you need to know in plain English...without any confusing geek-speak. All you have to do is watch what we show you...and then repeat. It couldn't get any simpler.

Good. Then our training is perfect for you.

Selling travel will quickly become the new gold rush!

That's because with travel, never before in the history of the internet, has there been the opportunity for someone with no knowledge and no experience to turn around and generate an income so quickly!

Take a closer look at just some of the courses offered (and remember, you get access to them all):

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Travel Industry Today

Lesson 3: Travel Industry Structure

Lesson 4: Host Agencies

Lesson 5: Developing Niche Markets

Lesson 6: How to Sell Travel

Lesson 7: How to Get Paid

Lesson 8: How to Be a Tour Leader

Lesson 9: Outside Sales Agents

Lesson 10: How Host Agencies Work

Lesson 11: Setting Up Your Business

Lesson 12: How to Book Travel

Lesson 13: Booking Airline Tickets

Lesson 14: Booking Hotels

Lesson 15: Booking Rental Cars

Lesson 16: Booking Tours & Packages

Lesson 17: Booking Cruises

Lesson 18: Booking Groups

Lesson 19: Selling Travel Insurance

Lesson 20: Selling Skills & Techniques

Lesson 21: Additional Selling Tips

Lesson 22: Handling Objections

Lesson 23: Closing the Sale

Lesson 24: Protecting Yourself

Lesson 25: Travel Agent Benefits

Plus: Additional Resource Material and Forms

Watch and Learn Friendly

Over 50 hours 100% web video based and instantly accessible anywhere in the world. Don't read. Instead, just watch our step-by-step lessons...it can't get any easier.

Windows or Mac

It doesn't matter if you're a Windows user or a Mac user. We show you how to do everything on both platforms. Either way we've got you covered.


Just because our training is 100% web video based, that doesn't mean you have to be sitting in front of a computer. All of our videos are viewable on popular mobile devices.

Read what others who have taken the course say:

Wow! This course is amazing! I have never seen an online course like this with all the training videos and all the information. I have watched the lessons three times now and I can't sleep! I am busy thinking about what I want to call my travel business.
- Debbie W.

Thank you for your excellent course. I really like it, it works for me and I 'get it'.... Your program is motivating, inspirational and realistic – thank you for all the work you have done to simplify the whole process of becoming a part-time travel agent.
- Daryl W.

Your course is very informative. Because of it, I have taken the plunge and am organizing a group for a Caribbean cruise early next year where I get to travel for free.
- Regards, Peter.

Here's your chance to pick up the skills you need to know....

as fast as humanly possible...and turn those skills into part-time job (while also staying way ahead of existing competition).

So why wait? Directly below is the link where you can sign-up and immediately access our training.

Enroll while it's still fresh on your mind. It could be the best investment you'll ever make for both yourself, your family and your lifestyle.


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At absolutely no additional cost, you will receive all the resources needed grow your new career as a part-time home-based travel agent.

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